Category: Florence

Florence never failed. We came to Florence late in the evening, but we had time for good dinner. We found very nice restaurant, not for tourists, forget about them if you wanna try real atmosphere of the city and typical food. Try to find restaurant, where sits domestic people. So we did, small street close to the centre. We had fantastic pasta and wonderful Tiramisu in such nice and elegant restaurant. Time to go sleep and get some energy before tomorrow. For the Florence we had 2 days, for museums not enough time. Visiting of museums I do prefer in colder weather. Next morning we just enjoyed the centre of Florence, walk around, really quick look into the famous shop, la Rinascente. Here you can find mix of brands and products. Same is in Milan and similar to this is famous shop Harrods in London. Dress for today was different, I even didn´t take a picture in it, because temperature increase quiet quickly.